Yanlin Qian defended his PhD thesis - Congratulations!

Yanlin Qian successfully defended his PhD thesis December 11th 2020 in online defense. The opponents were Professor Ales Leonardis from University of Birmingham and Professor Juho Kannala from Aalto University. The thesis supervisors are Professors Joni Kämäräinen and Jiri Matas.

Congratulations to Yanlin!

Yanlin heads to new challenges as he will lead the color team of the newly established Honor mobile phone manufacturer company.

News item of Yanlin’s thesis: https://www.tuni.fi/en/news/yanlin-qian-mobile-phones-use-artificial-intelligence-capture-better-photographs

Link to the thesis: http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-952-03-1791-1

Yanlin Qian

  • Dr.

Joni Kämäräinen