Projects and Grants

Ongoing projects:

Triple-triplet annihilation upconversion for localized photochemical reactions and therapies

Academy of Finland project, 2018-2022, PI Timo Laaksonen

State of the art microscopies for live cell study of the extracellular vesicle – mediated drug delivery (SMILE)

Academy of Finland pos doctoral researcher, 2019-2022, PI Ekaterina Lisitsyna

EVE – EV Ecosystem for Theranostic Platforms

Business Finland, 2019-2022, PI Elina Vuorimaa-Laukanen,

Photoactivatable Drug Releasing Implants (PADRE)

ERC, 2021-2026, PI Timo Laaksonen,

Completed projects:

In situ physicochemical and spectroscopic methods for studying interactions of nanoparticles with live cells (InNPce)

Academy of Finland project, 2017-2021, PI Elina Vuorimaa-Laukanen