Pharmacy – Chemistry Joint Autumn Meeting

The joint meeting of the Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology group from University of Helsinki and the Supramolecular Chemistry of Bio- and Nanomaterials group from Tampere University was held at Hyvinkää 21.-22.10.2021.

In the group photo at back row from left: Veikko Linko, Vili Auvinen, Jussi Isokuortti, Timo Laaksonen, Nikitia durandin, Alexander Efimov, Jaakko Itkonen, Patrick Lauren and Adriana Fantini, in the front row from left: Eija Mäki-Mikkola, Ekaterina Lisitsyna, Emilia Löfman, Olga Lem, Shirin Tavakoli, Anna Klose, Elina Vuorimaa-Laukkanen, Iida Haapalehto and Puja Gangurde, and in the forefront: Tatu Lajunen.

In addition to the presentations by the group members, we listened to the interesting talks of the guest speakers from University of Helsinki by Professors Robert Luxenhofer, Tomi Rantamäki and Clare Strachan as well as by Dr. Veikko Linko from Aalto University and Docent Alexander Efimov from Tampere University.

The new members of the ERC-PADRE team (from left: Puja Gangurde, Anna Klose, Emilia Löfman and Olga Lem) received a welcoming present by Professor Timo Laaksonen.