Pharmacy - Chemistry Joint Summer Meeting

The joint meeting of the Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology group from University of Helsinki and the Supramolecular Chemistry of Bio- and Nanomaterials group from Tampere University was held at Tampere 6.-7.6.2022.

In the photo by the lake Pyhäjärvi from left: Timo Laaksonen, Zahra Gounani, Anna Klose, Tatu Lajunen ,Olga Lem, Jussi Isokuortti and Kaisa Rautaniemi.

In addition to the presentations by the group members, we listened to the interesting talks of the guest speakers by professors Tiina Sikanen (Helsingin yliopisto), Oommen Podiyan Oommen and Arri Priimägi (Tampere University), Weiping Wang (University of Hong Kong) as well as  Senior Researchers Mika Reinisalo and Kirsi Rilla (University of Eastern Finland).


In between the presentations it was possible to relax by playing outdoor games (from front to back: Kaisa Rautaniemi, Puja Gangurde, Eija Mäki-Mikola, Iida Kähärä, Annika Gerlander and Alexander Efimov).