About the research network

In CHIMVI multidisciplinary and international group of researchers try to gain more understanding of child maltreatment as individual experience and societal phenomenon as well as provide more knowledge to interventions related to it.

For a long time, researchers at Tampere University have studied questions related to family, children and violence from different perspectives. Within past 10 years we have systematically combine our knowledge to analyze child maltreatment more as it is in the real world: a complex phenomenon cutting across all contexts of life, groups of people and disciplines.

Nowadays our network includes researchers from nursing sciences, psychology, social sciences, and social work. We study maltreatment as individual- family- and societal level phenomenon as well as interventions in preventing maltreatment as well as treating maltreated children. In addition, cutting across disciplines, we value using all types of data and research designs. Our research network combines researchers working at different stage of their academic career and we welcome all new researcher interested in questions of child maltreatment to take contact.

Our most resent and future research interests include among other things victimization to child maltreatment in life-course, intergenerational victimization, integration of victimized refugee children into our school system, and developing the recognition of child maltreatment in child welfare clinics.

In addition to providing high-quality international research, our network is actively involved in educating professionals working with children and creating tools for practitioners.