Doctoral Theses

Tiina Manninen (2007). Stochastic methods for modeling intracellular signaling.

Antti Saarinen (2009). Stochastic modeling of neuronal excitability: Model construction, simulation and parameter estimation.

Antti Pettinen (2009). On simulation software and parameter estimation for biochemical models.

Jukka Intosalmi (2012). Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Time Evolution for Biochemical Systems.

Eeva Toivari (2013). Evaluation of simulation tools and modeling of calcium signaling in brain cells.

Katri Holm (2013). Computational Modeling of IP3 Receptor Function and Intracellular Mechanisms in Synaptic Plasticity. The thesis is available: .

Tuomo Mäki-Marttunen (2013). Modelling Structure and Dynamics of Complex Systems: Applications to Neuronal Networks. The thesis is available:

Heidi Teppola-Gürel (2022). Rodent and Human Neuronal Networks – Analysis of Functional Maturation, Synaptic Transmission, and Spontaneous Activity in Vitro. The thesis is available: .