Nordic Network of Datafication Research

This network investigates different aspects of datafication and the ways in which it shapes societies and the everyday life.

Datafication, Data Inequalities and Data Justice

By bringing together researchers in this multidisciplinary field, the workshop series has provided an arena for developing understanding and research of datafication in the Nordic context. The workshop series was lead by Kaarina Nikunen (Tampere University), Anne Kaun (Södertörn University) and Rikke Andreassen (Roskilde University) 2018-2020,  funded by NOS-HS.

The research themes, projects and publications from the workshops series are introduced on this website. We hope that these may be useful for scholars and students who are working in this area.  Under ‘Projects’ you can take a look at the main themes of our workshops, under ‘News and events’ you can explore the workshop series and abstracts. In ‘Publications’ we have gathered together some of the main publications written by the members, related to the network themes. Enjoy!