BCR Publications

These publications are related to the Research project in Transnational Dynamics in Quality Assurance and Evaluation Politics of Basic Education in Brazil, China and Russia (BCR), 2014-2017.

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  • Kallo, J. & Semchenko, A. (2016) Translation of the UNESCO/OECD guidelines for quality provision in cross-border higher education into local policy contexts: a comparative study of Finland and Russia. Quality in Higher Education, 22 (1), 20-35.
  • Kauko, J., Centeno, V.G., Candido, H., Shiroma, E. & Klutas A. (2016). The emergence of quality assessment in Brazilian basic education. European Educational Research Journal, 15(5), 558-579.
  • Piattoeva, N. (2016) The imperative to protect data and the rise of surveillance cameras in administering national testing in Russia. European Educational Research Journal, 15 (1), 82–98.


  • Gurova, G., Piattoeva, N., & Takala, T. (2015). Quality of Education and Its Evaluation: An Analysis of the Russian Academic Discussion. European Education, 47 (4), 346–364.