Members of the EduKnow research group work with a large variety of research themes, projects, and topics.

Transnational Knowledge Networks in Higher Education Policymaking

This Academy of Finland funded research analyses the concrete operation of transnational knowledge networks in higher education in the context of Finland and the EU. These networks are cross-sectoral entities, formed in formal and informal relationships between policy actors and their affiliated groups.

Policy Knowledge and Lesson Drawing in Nordic School Reform in an Era of International Comparison (POLNET)

This research project employs comparative network analysis to explore how school reforms are formulated, developed and renewed by the production and use of policy knowledge and expertise within and across five Nordic countries.

Quality Assurance and Evaluation in Brazil, China, and Russia

The main research project of EduKnow members was Quality assurance and evaluation in Brazil, China, and Russia (concluded at the end of 2017).

In addition, EduKnow members are involved in various different research projects in Finland and internationally.

Research networks

EduKnow members are also involved in various research networks.

Resources for PhD students (upcoming)

EduKnow members attend a number of different conferences and summer schools in the field of education. We have compiled a list of different education and networking resources, which can be useful for especially for PhD students in the field of comparative education.

Doctoral research projects (upcoming)