Arnaldo Pellini's new blog post on Knowledge systems and inclusive governance in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans

Matthias Herr, Eastern and South Eastern Europe lead at Helvetas

To discuss the role that  knowledge plays in governance systems and the changes that new digital technologies are bringing, Arnaldo Pellini talked with Matthias Herr.

Matthias is the Regional Director of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.In a September 2016 article in the Guardian, technology editor Alex Hearn reflected that back in 2012, Forbes magazine had posed the question: Is data the new oil? Four years on, in 2016, Fortune brushed away any doubts about the answer and declared, Data is the new oil.

The rapid expansion of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all domains of our lives (home assistants, public health, education, banking, shopping, …the list is long) requires more and more data to operate. The more rapid the expansion of AI, the more exponential the demand for data for AI systems to operate, and the more data become valuable.

This is the reality of governance systems and policymaking in the 21st Century. Data and new digital technologies can change (and are changing) the way governments design and implement public policies, and what (in the near future) may be seen as legitimate and credible knowledge for evidence-informed decisions. Learn more…