Galina Gurova & Nelli Piattoeva’s chapter in “Education Policies and Restructuring of Education Professions”, by Normand et al. (2018)

Galina Gurova and Nelli Piattoeva contributed a chapter entitled “A post-Soviet audit culture: changing practices and subjectivities of schoolteachers in a Russian region” to a recently published collection “Education Policies and the Restructuring of Educational Professions” by Normand, Liu, Carvalho, Oliveira, and Levasseur. The volume, now published in English by Springer, awaits translations into Chinese and Portuguese languages. The chapter discusses the findings of Gurova’s ethnographic research into evaluation policies and their effects in the context of a number of Russian schools. Its aim is to understand the reactions of teachers with concepts initially developed for studying late-socialist social practices.