Jarmo Kallunki participates in the Higher Education Research Summer School of the Institute of Education of National Research University’s in St. Petersburg

Picture by: IOE
Seventh International Summer School on Higher Education Research

EduKnow member Jarmo Kallunki participated in the 7th summer school on higher education research at the Institute of Education at National Research University – Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg, Russia (31.5.-6.6.2019). He held a presentation about the Finnish university funding policy and its historical developments. The theme of the summer school was “Theoretical and Conceptual Perspectives in Higher Education Research”, and the perspectives covered, e.g., history, philopophy, social sciences, and economics. A key lesson Jarmo brought back home was that in the field of higher education research, researchers always need to borrow theoretical and conceptual lenses from other disciplines, but that applying these lenses is always a creative process that requires theory development already in the PhD phase of a researcher career.