New article on assembling educational standards (CEFR) published by EduKnow member Oshie Nishimura-Sahi

New article titled “Assembling educational standards: following the actors of the CEFR-J project” by EduKnow member Oshie Nishimura-Sahi published in Globalisation, Societies and Education journal. Link to the article (open access)

This study deploys Actor-Network Theory (ANT) to understand how educational standards take shape. To exemplify the inherently collective nature of standards and contingency in the process of standardisation, this study will present a case of the CEFR-J project launched by a group of Japanese university academics to modify the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) for English-language teaching and learning in Japan. Drawing on documentary materials and in-depth interviews, I will describe how the CEFR has become a standard for English-language teaching in Japan while various actors were brought together through the CEFR-J project.