The OECD's educational agendas explored by Vera G. Centeno in her new book

Vera G. Centeno, member of the EduKnow research group, published a new book  titled “The OECD’ Educational Agendas – Framed from Above, Fed from Bellow, Determined in Interaction”.

The power of the OECD in framing global educational agendas and influencing education policies worldwide is well documented. Yet less is known about what takes place inside the organization.

Vera’s book closes this gap by looking at the backstage of the organisation’s educational agendas. It explores the OECD’s institutional structures and functioning, as well as its decision-making processes, by focusing on the rise and fall of its first educational agenda – Recurrent Education. The volume brings together theoretical approaches and empirical findings to expound on the organisation’s three overlapping constitutive dimensions of actor, arena, and instrument. The study shows the significance of intertwined institutional and conceptual changes for educational agenda-setting and knowledge production within the organization. The author turns the focus from the diffusion/reception of international policies to their production, and analyses a large volume of internal documents across time (1960s–1980s).

The book is available in hardback, PDF and EPUB formats.