General view of laboratory settings.

Research Centre of Electrical Energy Engineering

The electrical energy system is a basic infrastructure of modern society. We research and develop new solutions based on strong electrotechnical knowledge and its application it in the fields of electromechanics, power electronics, high voltage engineering and materials, and electrical systems and electricity market.

In our research projects, we actively cooperate with industry and other universities, utilizing our versatile research and laboratory environments.

Research themes

Smart grids

One of our essential objectives is to support the mitigation of climate change and enable to fulfill targets of the Paris agreement. Our research activities cover technical, economic and legislative issues related to the production, grids and use of electricity.

Research in smart grids

Power electronics

Our research vision is to produce knowledge that will contribute towards cheaper, more widespread and sustainable power electronics used in power generation, power transmission/distribution and end-user applications.

Research in power electronics


Our main research topics are electromagnetic and electromechanical energy conversion systems and superconducting magnets. We develop electromagnetic, thermodynamic and mechanical models of materials and devices and apply these to design and analyze the behavior of such systems.

Research in electromechanics

High voltage engineering

Our main focus is on the new requirements and possibilities for high voltage insulation systems and high voltage measurement technology. We govern the only remaining independent HV laboratory in Finland, and we offer research and testing services especially for the Finnish industry.

Research in high voltage engineering