About our research

Our main research topics are gynaecological oncology and pre-eclampsia

Gynaecological oncology:

Professor Johanna Mäenpää, docent Annika Auranen, docent Synnöve Staff and docent Eija Tomás

– CHEMOVA-project: microRNA in ovarian cancer
– Development of preoperative diagnostics for gynaecological cancer using 3D ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and so-called E-nose research
– Development of gynaecological cancer surgery (robotic surgery and sentinel lymph node technology)
– Hereditary ovarian cancer and the somatic mutations of sporadic ovarian cancer that lead to the same kind of phenotype
– endometrial cancer related to HNPCC
– HPV diagnostics in screening for cervical cancer and its preliminary stages
– Development of the medical treatment for ovarian and cervical cancer

General gynaecology:

Docent Synnöve Staff and docent Eija Tomás

– The use of stem cells in the study of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and rectal sphincter damage
– Post-gynaecological surgery pain
– The effectiveness of hysterectomy
– Diagnostics, treatment and effects of disorders of the female reproductive tract on fertility
– Long-term results of pelvic organ prolapse surgery using artificial material