Infection biology research group focuses on mycobacterial infections, especially biofilm formation and drug persistence. The goal is to find better drugs against tuberculosis.

Open positions

We are looking for enthusiastic and talented PhD students / postdocs to join our team. Please contact us for more information.

Latest publication

How biofilm proteomics can help developing better treatments against tuberculosis? Our study is the first proteomic insight into aging mycobacterial biofilm extracellular matrix. The study indicates that biofilm subtype-dependent mechanisms confer increased adaptive potential and virulence of mycobacteria.

Savijoki, K, Myllymäki, H, Luukinen, H, Paulamäki, L, Vanha-Aho, LM, Svorjova, A et al..
Surface-Shaving Proteomics of Mycobacterium marinum Identifies Biofilm Subtype-Specific Changes Affecting Virulence, Tolerance, and Persistence.
mSystems. 2021;6 (3):e0050021.
doi: 10.1128/mSystems.00500-21.