Seminar 'De/colonial Temporalities in Palestine' (9 May)

Seminar De/colonial Temporalities in Palestine held at Tampere University (9 May 2023)

De/colonial temporalities of Palestine


Tuesday 9 May 2023

Paavo Koli auditorium, Pinni A

Tampere University

We would like to warmly welcome everyone to the seminar De/colonial temporalities of Palestine at Tampere University 9 May 2023. The seminar ends the Academy of Finland-funded project, Present-futures in/of Palestine (2019-2023), exploring the entwinement of Palestinian futures with politics of temporality, colonial power, and decolonization, particularly as they are embodied in everyday spaces and practices. Through two keynote lectures and a roundtable discussion the seminar tackles the effects of various futures, from violence-normalizing geopolitical narratives to material futures emerging through everyday ungovernabilities, and the de/colonial praxis they foreground. In doing so, the seminar wraps up various aspects explored during the project, ranging from governmentalization of everyday threats and (in)securities to politics of remaking/reimagining prevalent temporalities of power in Palestine.

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