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The Immunopharmacology Research Group has focused its research (for more than 10 years) on regulation of inflammatory genes in arthritis, asthma and obesity. Our research interests cover immunopharmacology: inflammation, cellular mechanisms, anti-inflammatory drugs, novel drug targets, biomarkers and applications in diagnostics. The goal is drug development by means of testing novel drugs and compounds, finding new targets for drug research and finding ways to improve existing treatments.


  • Regulation of inflammatory response and inflammatory gene expression, MAP kinase / phosphatase pathways, nitric oxide and eicosanoids, macrophage and T cell-derived cytokines in inflammatory lung diseases, allergy, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Regulation of eosinophil activation and apoptosis in asthma and allergy
  • Exhaled nitric oxide and breathe condensate in the measurement of lung inflammation, diagnostic applications and in the follow-up of anti-inflammatory treatment
  • Adipokines and their role as effectors, regulators and biomarkers in inflammation
  • TRPA1 in inflammation and inflammatory pain
  • Drug-releasing biomaterials



Arktisten kasvien taiga: terveyttä luonnosta
High-value health-promoting compounds from arctic berries

Arvoaineita pohjoisen männystä ja marjoista
High-value health-promoting compounds from arctic pine and berries