Group on Recommender Systems

Research with a special focus on responsible recommender systems.

RecSys: Group on Recommender Systems

Our multidisciplinary group works on recommender systems at Tampere University. We focus on various problems, such as:

Recommendations for groups // Sequential recommendations // Fairness, diversity and transparency in recommendations and rankings // Explanations and why-not questions in recommender systems

As well as complementary topics related to the problem of entity resolution, like:

Progressive entity resolution // Iterative blocking and matching // Fairness and diversity in entity resolution // Explanations in entity resolution

We participate in multi-disciplinary research, building on computer science, data science, internet research, social sciences. We aim to design for more ethically sustainable information and communications technology.


RecSys is part of the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC) of the Tampere University.


On September 21, 2020, we restart the Rec Sys Meetings at the Tampere University! Denis Kotkov will talk about conversational recommender systems. Join us on Zoom.

Fairness in Rankings and Recommenders, Tutorial @ EDBT 2020, Joint work with Evaggelia Pitoura and Georgia Koutrika

M. Stratigi, J. Nummenmaa, E. Pitoura and K. Stefanidis, Fair Sequential Group Recommendations, ACM SAC 2020

M. Stratigi, K. Tzompanaki and K. Stefanidis, Why-Not Questions & Explanations for Collaborative Filtering, WISE 2020