RESET's methodological work

RESET during a Change Laboratory session in a youth supported housing unit

RESET systematically applies and further develops the formative intervention method of the Change Laboratory (Sannino, 2008a; Sannino, Engeström & Lemos, 2016; Sannino & Engeström, 2017ab).

The research group also builds on the methods of data analysis of expansive learning and transformative agency developed in recent years by its members and other colleagues:

  • analysis of expansive learning actions (Engeström, Rantavuori & Kerosuo, 2013)
  • analysis of discursive manifestations of contradictions (Engeström & Sannino, 2011; Sannino & Vainio, 2015)
  • analysis of expressions of transformative agency (Sannino, 2008b; Haapasaari, Engeström & Kerosuo, 2016)
  • analysis of transformative agency by double stimulation (Sannino, 2015, 2016; Sannino & Laitinen, 2015)


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