CEO of Y-Foundation Juha Kaakinen and the RESET core group during one of the HF 2.0 Change Laboratory Sessions in 2019

“When a theory becomes a practical tool for change, mutually beneficial interactions between university and society unfold naturally and productively” 

RESET refines and expands the conceptual and methodological tools stemming from the previous generations of activity theory by putting them into use in collective analyses of major societal challenges with stakeholders and practitioners. Socio-technical transitions toward equitable and sustainable solutions to poverty are at the core of the research group’s current work. Within a longer-term perspective, the research group foresees the use of the current work as a basis to engage in collaborative analyses and design related to environmental crises.

Design professor Mithra Zahedi and doctoral student Virginie Tessier (University of Montreal), doctoral student in education Shuling Li (Peking University) and health sciences doctoral student Rikke Buus Bøje (Aarhus University) during a meeting of the research group on March 7, 2019

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