RESET's conceptual work

One of the recently developed conceptual models in RESET: The stepwise expansive learning cycle and the transformative agency process mutually inducing one another (Sannino, 2018)


Fourth generation activity-theoretical work themes pursued by RESET:

  • Collective transformative agency and expansive learning for equity and sustainability
  • How these learning and agency unfold as processes, how they relate to one another, how they can be identified, fostered and supported
  • Cross-sectoral and multilevel collaboration to eradicate homelessness
  • Research-mediated participatory governance to respond to acute poverty-related needs
  • The critical role scholarship on learning and organizing can play to counteract the stigma of homelessness

These themes allow new openings for contributions and interactions within the fields of the learning sciences, social psychology, governance studies, organisational studies, and studies of systems design.


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