Learning and agency across sectors and levels to eradicate homelessness

Statue by Timothy Schmalz in Trastevere, Rome (Photo: Annalisa Sannino)

Widely acknowledged internationally for sustained decrease in the number of the homeless, Finnish Housing First (HF) strategy is a case of exemplary policy coherence and administrative cross-sectoral cooperation. Yet, the strategy is currently facing new challenges which call for the development of a new phase of work which may be named Housing First 2.0. Our projects on homelessness examine how learning and agency across sectors and levels are initiated and maintained within the Finnish HF strategy since 2008, the challenges the strategy encounters today, and how research-mediated participatory designs can help the strategy to meet them.

Sannino’s keynote address on the preliminary project idea at the RWL10 Conference in South Africa in 2017

More on the contents of the RWL10 keynote address

Other talks related to the projects on homelessness:

Professorship inaugural lecture, University of Tampere, April 25 2018 

Invited Presentation at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, within the CITED Panel Discussion on “Transforming Research in Teacher Education,” April 12, 2018

Nordic ISCAR keynote address, June 18, 2019

FERA keynote address, 2020


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