For Students

Students from Tampere University and beyond – we are here for you! Be it a short special assignment, summer internship or BSc/MSc Thesis, be in contact if you want to do it in our group and let’s see what can be arranged.

Our general philosophy is that every student to join the team will be involved in experimental lab work, and that every BSc/MSc Thesis conducted in the SPM group is scientifically relevant and ambitious enough to be used in a scientific publication. In addition to students majoring in chemistry, we also welcome students with physics major, and Thesis topics can be tailored for both needs.

The work topics can be tailored based on what is motivating for YOU, accounting for the needs of ongoing projects. Some general topical areas from which to choose from are listed below. For more information, you may contact Arri.

  • Liquid crystals: properties and characterization
  • Synthesis and characterization of photoswitchable molecules
  • Light-responsive materials for cell mechanobiology
  • Making materials move with light
  • Laser-based micropatterning of polymer thin films
  • Photoalignment of liquid crystals

Click here to see the list of Theses conducted in the SPM group, and here for comments from the SPM student alumni.

Lab assistants

Are you interested in gaining experience in lab work during you studies? You are welcome to apply for a position as student assistant, where you can work side by side with us at the frontiers of current research.

Summer students

During the long summer break we can offer summer jobs where you can work full time on your own project in the field. We will decide together where your skills can best be used and you can take responsibility for a complete project from planning to reporting.

Bachelor and Master theses

Our group offers topics for Bachelor and Master theses in the following areas:

  • TOPIC 1
  • TOPIC 2

Student labs

We organize student labs for groups of students who are interested in getting an insight into our activities.