SPREAD – Spatial & Speculative Research in Architectural Design is a research group at the Tampere University School of Architecture combining practical knowledge and expertise with research in architectural design

SPREAD seeks for new ways of relating practical, theoretical and speculative knowledge in architectural design and research by blurring the limits between theory and practice of architecture.


SPREAD is dealing with space as the core of architectural practice and speculation as the basis for reflection and theoretical inquiry. Speculation comes from the Latin terms ‘speculatio’ and ‘speculare’, to investigate reflectively by observing or exploring a phenomenon with full consciousness.


SPREAD group is an emergent research group belonging to the Architectural Design and Sustainable Housing research cluster to make meaningful societal change through theoretical, historical, practice-based, social and scientific research. The main goal of the research group is to explore new ways of relating practice and theory of the discipline of architecture by combining design-based and scientific research methods.


The research group focuses on interpreting space as the core of architectural practice. It speculates and reflects on spatial qualities in architecture by exploring theory and investigating architectural criticism and design thinking.