Hares by Ferrymen

The professional magazine Finnish Architectural Review features an article on empathy and architectural education by SPREAD members

The fourth issue of the Finnish Architectural Review (Arkkitehti-lehti), 4/2020 on the theme ‘Empathy’, includes the article titled On Hares, Ferrymen and Empathy in Architectural Education, co-authored by Associate Professor Fernando Nieto and Postdoctoral Research Fellow Rosana Rubio.

In the article, the authors reflect on the challenges of educating the future architects by stating the contradictions between the societal requirements and the specificity of architectural education. They advocate for an holistic understanding of the learning paths in architecture that takes into consideration the extracurricular apprenticeship to enable the development of the students’ own thinking and self-development, which in architecture studies entail the engagement in multi-level learning processes.

The full article can be read (under subscription) in the Arkkitehti’s printed magazine, at the digital magazine archive and as a post in the ark’s website.