Tampere Network for Global and Transnational Research (T-Global) is a link between scholars who study global and transnational phenomena at the University of Tampere. It coordinates and facilitates collaboration between researchers and research teams in this area from faculties across the University. T-Global arranges joint seminars for the research teams, coordinates joint projects and collaboration – for example, by forming teams that apply for funding together – organizes graduate student events, and establishes links with other universities and scholars interested in global and transnational studies.

T-Global works under the umbrella of the New Social Research program (NSR). Global and transnational studies being one of the areas of strength in the University’s research profile, T-Global provides a home base for NSR scholars whose research deals with this area: a platform for people who share an interest in questions of global governance and world society.

T-Global organized a Global Studies colloquium in Spring 2018 and organizes a series of talks and events on Decentering the Global in Spring 2019.