Course "Women and the Media in China" Starts Online

TaRC continues its activities with the multidisciplinary course "Women and the Media in China", available online from today until the end of May.

TaRC’s international online course Women and the Media in China kicks off on Tuesday, March 9th, one week later than last year due to student holidays in the first week of March. The course will run until the end of May.

About twenty students from the universities of Tampere, Turku, and Jyväskylä have registered for the course. They come from different cultural, ethnic, and disciplinary backgrounds and have a common interest in Chinese media research.

The course program includes lectures by Chinese and Finnish researchers, independent work with selected sources, independent student research on given topics, and their analytical essays.

The aim of the course is to raise students’ awareness of Chinese culture, society, and media, as well as the status of women in China. Students will learn to think critically about epistemological issues – that is, how knowledge is created – through their reflective exercises about historical and cultural differences in Western and non-Western countries.

The course is organized by the Unit of Communication Sciences in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC) at Tampere University in collaboration with the Finnish University Network for Asian Studies.

The course is now run for the second time. The first realisation of the course in 2020 was greatly aided by a grant from the Joel Toivola Foundation.