FEMCORUS Seminar on October 13: Historical Parallels and Transnational Feminist Mobilizations - CANCELLED

Russian singer standing with her back to camera
Screenshot: FEMCORUS.org.

The FEMCORUS research project continues its seminar series with an online session on historical parallels and transnational feminist mobilizations.

Thursday’s seminar features Lidia Salvatori in conversation with Galina Miazhevich on the topic Historical Parallels and Transnational Feminist Mobilizations: Italian and (post)Soviet perspectives.

Drawing from autoethnographic research within an Italian queer trans-feminist movement, Lidia’s talk will trace points of connection in the history of Italian and Soviet feminism to then point to commonalities in the terrain in which feminist mobilisations operate today in Italy and post-Soviet spaces.

The focus will be on recent developments and common challenges presented to contemporary feminists. Firstly, the perception of Gorbachev’s legacy for different feminist traditions in Italy is discussed. This is followed by the reflection on the rising anti-gender movement and the role of digital media in its diffusion. The talk concludes with the reflection on the resistance to the transnational ultraconservative backlash among Italian feminists.

Lidia Salvatori has recently finished her PhD in Media, Communications and Sociology at the University of Leicester with a project on the impact of digital technologies on transnational feminism (Feminism in transit). She combined researching alongside feminists within the Non Una di Meno movement with activism and teaching.

Currently, while continuing to expand her publication record, she works as Policy and Communication Manager in a European health NGO in Brussels (Cystic Fibrosis Europe), developing research on quality of life and social determinants of health for people with rare diseases, focusing on issues of access and health equity from an intersectional lens.

Galina Miazhevich is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Journalism, Media, and Culture, Cardiff University, UK, PI of an AHRC Leadership Fellowship (2018−2020), exploring media representations of non-heteronormative sexuality in Russia.

The FEMCORUS project plan was conceived together with Dr Miazhevich. She has worked on several projects dealing with media representations of Islam and multiculturalism in Europe and democracy in post-communist Europe.

The event will take place on Zoom on Thursday 13 October, 2:00pm to 4:00 pm Helsinki time (GMT+3). To participate, please register in advance by filling in the form and a link to Zoom will be sent to you.  

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact alisa.virtanen@tuni.fi.

Everyone is warmly welcome!