Online Talk on October 11: War in Ukraine in TV News around the World

October's Online Talk focuses on the war in Ukraine as depicted by TV news around the world.

On Tuesday 11 October, TaRC and the Russian Media Lab‘s co-operative initiative, Online Talks on Russian Media, continues with a highly topical presentation on the war in Ukraine.

Dr Svetlana Pasti from Tampere University will present her co-authored research “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine through the prism of TV news around the world”, where she studied the coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in news broadcasts of the main television news bulletins in Russia, China and Finland.

The project was later expanded to include the respective TV news broadcasts in the rest of the BRICS countries – Brazil, India and South Africa – as well as in the UK and the USA. Because of the scope of the countries involved, the presentation is a must for everyone interested in global media portrayals of war!

Speaker’s bio:

Svetlana Pasti, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow at the Tampere Research Center for Journalism, Media and Communications at the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences (ITC) of Tampere University, Docent in Journalism and Media Studies since 2013 at Tampere University.

She has published extensively on journalism and media studies. She is author of two monographs, The Russian Journalist in the Context of Change: St. Petersburg Media (2004), and The Changing Profession of a Journalist in Russia (2007), plus author and co-editor of The BRICS Journalist: Profession and Practice in the Age of Digital Media (special issue of African Journalism Studies, Routledge, 2015), and Contemporary BRICS Journalism (Routledge, 2018).

Her recent article, co-authored with Russian colleagues, ‘Journalistic Role Performance in the Russian Press: A Post-Soviet Model for the Third Decade, 2012-2022’ was published in Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization in Spring 2022.

Dr Pasti’s Online Talk will be organized on Zoom on Tuesday 11 October from 12:00 to 13:30 (Helsinki time, UTC+3). It will be moderated by Dr Katja Lehtisaari (Tampere University).

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