GrecoLab members

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Picture of LucaLuca Cattelani
postdoctoral fellow
Artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, health risk assessment, particle filtering, pedestrian mobility simulation.
Picture of GiusyGiusy del Giudice
PhD student
Medical biotechnology, bioinformatics, systems biology
Picture of AntonioAntonio Federico
postdoctoral fellow
Systems biology; multi-omics data analysis; data integration; cancer genomics; precision oncology; network analysis; next-generation sequencing; drugability evaluation; predictive pharmacology.
Picture of MicheleMichele Fratello
postdoctoral fellow
Machine Learning; Neural Networks; Computational Toxicology; Computer Vision; Data Science
Picture of DarioDario Greco
professor, group leader
Toxicology, systems biology, toxicogenomics, nanosafety, molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, epidemiology, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, artificial intelligence, biostatistics, data science.
Picture of PiaPia Kinaret
postdoctoral fellow
in vivo, in vitro, toxicogenomics, transcriptomics, microarrays, nanomaterials, immunomodulation, immunotoxicology, immunotherapy, nanotoxicology, extracellular vesicles, teaching
Picture of AlisaAlisa Pavel
PhD student
Network analysis, Big Data, DB, bioinformatics
Picture of LauraLaura Saarimäki
Doctoral Researcher
Molecular biology, transcriptomics, toxicogenomics, nanotoxicology, bioinformatics.
Picture of AngelaAngela Serra
postdoctoral fellow
Machine learning; omics data analysis, integration and modelling; network analysis; bioinformatics; biostatistics; systems toxicology; cheminformatics.