New date set: Seminar with Dr Eszter Neumann "Education for a Christian nation" Friday, January 20th at 2:00pm (Helsinki time, EET)

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Dr Eszter Neumann will present her current work on right-wing populism and nationalism in European politics in an online seminar ´Education for a Christian nation.´ The event will be organized by TRANSIT on Friday, January 20th at 2:00pm (Helsinki time, EET). Registration is now open.

In the past decade, right-wing populist parties have brought back nationalism and religion into European politics. While a growing literature explores the political strategies, style and success of these parties and the challenge they pose to the European project, less attention has been paid to how right-wing populist governing is done at specific policy areas. This paper explores the education policy discourse of the Hungarian right-wing populist government. Drawing on the Discourse-Historical Approach to critical discourse analysis, the analysis concentrates on political speeches performed between 2010 and 2020 to examine the discoursive framings and strategies utilised in relation to three nodal points identified in the speeches: upbringing, teaching Christian values and the nation. While in the political rhetoric, a coherent religious nationalist, neoconservative narrative took form, over time this narrative shifted from a strategic project of crafting a new language to justify paradigmatic legislative and policy change to a language disconnected from policy work and predominantly displaying features of nationalist extremism. In the discussed period, as a combined result of the right-wing government’s Christian indentitarian project and the ambition of the Christian churches to increase their power and legitimacy, religion has increasingly permeated the secular spaces of Hungarian education.

The speaker: Dr Eszter Neumann is a sociologist of education, she obtained her PhD at King’s College London, UK in 2018. Her doctoral dissertation explored the ‘Soft and Hard Processes of Categorizing Students: Ability setting and managing behaviour in English and Hungarian schools’. Her research concerns education policy making in England and Hungary, interethnic relations in schools, the production of social inequalities and normalisation processes in schools. She is currently employed at the Institute for Minority Studies in the Centre for Social Sciences, Hungary. Her current research project examines the increasing participation of traditional churches in Hungarian education and education policy-making at the churches.

Time: Friday, Jan 20th, 2023, 2:00pm to 3:30pm (Helsinki time, EET)

Venue: On-site: TAU Virta 339, Edu’s Cafe. Åkerlundinkatu 5, 33014, Tampere, Finland. Online: The Zoom Meeting link will be sent to registered participants closer to the date.

Registration: Please fill in the registration form via this link to get more information closer to the date.