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is Tampere University’s first ever Collaboratory merging interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation (collaborate / laboratory). Its aim is to work through matters of concern arising from keen societal observations that are transnational in nature and relate to transformations at the global, regional, national, and local scales.

Welcome to the Research Centre on Transnationalism and Transformation

TRANSIT adopts the approach of slow science and works through collaboration, dialogue and public engagement across geographical and disciplinary borders. It brings together knowledges and different onto-epistemologies and methodologies for the explorations of transnational processes such as exchanges and interactions between policies, people, organizations, ideas, technologies, or resources, and their implications for societal transformations. It aims to build a shared intellectual space and create supporting services for participants from diverse scholarly and public domains particularly interested in extending interdisciplinary and innovate collaborations and addressing the challenges and opportunities of transnational activities.