Transition towards sustainable circular economy

The University Platform for Circular Economy promotes the implementation of circular economy solutions. The mission is to accelerate the transition towards sustainable circular economy in a multidisciplinary manner. Our leading research covers a wide variety of topical phenomena embedded in the society.

Our approach

Sustainable circular economy means reducing the use of natural resources, closing material, energy and nutrition cycles, and retaining the value of products, materials and resources as long as possible. This considers the actions of citizens, municipalities, companies and other organizations as well, i.e. the societies as a whole. Promoting sustainable circular economy requires comprehensive collaboration regarding policies, politics, business, governance, technologies and assessment of environmental impact. Simultaneously, environmental, social, and economic consequences for different stakeholders should be evaluated and considered evenly. This we do by applying the living lab platform approach.

UPCE currently focuses on both urban and industrial circular economy. Promoting sustainable circular economy requires holistic and cross-disciplinary research and scientific dialogue, and we are committed to further expanding the variety of research fields present at the platform.


We contribute to sustainable circular economy by focusing on

  1. high-level, international and multidisciplinary research currently covering biotechnological and thermochemical processes, aerosol processes and emissions, business and innovation management as well as environmental policy and governance
  2. teaching and education based on the latest research and inter-university collaboration
  3. societal impact through active stakeholder interaction of disseminating the state-of-art knowledge and offering pragmatic tools for sustainable societies

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