About us

Development of new generation non-live nanoparticle-based vaccines and novel delivery platforms is one of our main research interests. Specific expertise of the group include vaccine antigen design (enteric viruses, ETEC, influenza, tuberculosis), as well as state-of-the-art methods for assessment of immune responses to vaccinations and infections.

The most advanced vaccine candidate in development is a combination vaccine against pediatric gastroenteritis, based on the virus-like particles (VLP) of norovirus and the VP6 protein of rotavirus. Negotiations with international industrial partners with GMP production facilities to advance the vaccine to clinical trials are ongoing.

Our group has a long experience in vaccine production and specification at the laboratory scale, novel vaccine adjuvants, vaccine immunogenicity/primary pharmacodynamics and proof-of-concept preclinical studies, translation of the knowledge from animal studies into clinical approaches and vaccine immunogenicity in clinical trials. Vaccine-related preclinical immunogenicity and safety studies as well as vaccine immunogenicity in clinical trials are conducted by our laboratory, serving both national and international academic and industrial collaborators. Contract and collaboration/development research agreements with international Pharma industry sponsors account for a major source of external funding.

Vaccine Development and Immunology Unit is a part of Vaccine Research Center, Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology at Tampere University https://rokotetutkimus.fi/en/about-us/laboratory/

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