Movie Night: Nobody meets your eyes

For the first time ever, Visual Studies Lab (VSL) organizes a movie screening and discussion for the students, teachers, and researchers of the Communication Sciences unit at Tampere University!

Nobody meets your eyes (Kukaan ei katso sinua silmiin) (2022) is a quiet observation of the people among us who are only visible through cameras, their need to be seen, and the loneliness that connects us all.

Six years ago, director, writer, and cinematographer Jesse Jalonen started filming documentary street footage with an old Nokia C5 cell phone, which he had kept for its interesting image quality. It travelled in his pocket to almost anywhere. Jalonen describes that, “the camera exposed the world as something marvellous and enchanting. The act of shooting reinvigorated my relationship with the world. I became aware of things, places and people that had previously gone unnoticed by me”.

Thursday 2.11.2023 between 5-8pm at the Lecture Hall A1 (main building in Keskusta campus) at Tampere University.

The movie is in Finnish with English subtitles. After the screening, we will have a 15-minute break, and then a discussion with director Jesse Jalonen and actor Ida-Maria Olva. The discussion will be in English but audience can also ask questions in Finnish.

If you are currently studying, teaching, or doing research within Communications Sciences or Theatre Arts, you are welcome to join!

Image: Anna Puustinen