Publications 2024

Visual bodies, ritualised performances: an offline-online analysis of Extinction Rebellion’s protests in Finland and Portugal.

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Visual Politicization and Youth Challenges to an Unequal Public Sphere: Conceptual and Methodological Perspectives.

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Publications 2023

Photojournalists as NGO advocates: Balancing between two realities.

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Fame democracy? Social media and visuality-based transformation of the public sphere.

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Publications 2022

Snap-along ethnography: Studying visual politicization in the social media age.

Luhtakallio, E., & Meriluoto, T. | Ethnography, online first, July 2022.

Publications 2021

Publications 2020

Visual communion: The photographic image as phatic communication

Niemelä-Nyrhinen, Jenni & Seppänen, Janne | New Media & Society 22(6), 1043–1057

Publications 2019

The look as a medium: a conceptual framework and an exercise for teaching visual studies

Lehmuskallio, Asko | Journal of Visual Literacy, 38(1-2), 8-21

Photorealistic computer-generated images are difficult to distinguish from digital photographs: A case study with professional photographers and photo-editors

Lehmuskallio, Asko; Häkkinen, Jukka & Seppänen, Janne | Visual Communication, 18(4), 427–451