Visual Studies Lab Research Day

Welcome to our Visual Studies Lab Research Day on December 4 2020, in which all VSL projects are asked to present their work by focusing on 1. their main research question, 2. their motivation for the question and 3. on their approaches to solving it.


10.00 Welcome. Asko Lehmuskallio.

10.15 Imagi(ni)ng Democracy, PI Eeva Luhtakallio.

10.45 Meaning out of Meme-making, PI Saara Särmä.

11.15 Post-Digital Epistemologies, PI’s Janne Seppänen, Mika Elo, Jukka Häkkinen.

Lunch Break

13.15 Ethics of Photojournalism, PI Jenni Mäenpää.

13.45 Envisioning Climate Change, PI Niina Uusitalo.

14.15 Expatriate Childhood, PI Mari Korpela.

14.45 Banal Surveillance, PI Asko Lehmuskallio.

15.15 Post-Visual Security, PI Rune Saugmann Andersen.

15.45 Concluding Discussion and Remarks