Ayuong Kim wins the Best Student Paper Award of EUVIP 2022

The paper, entitled “Computational Hyperspectral Imaging with Diffractive Optics and Deep Residual Network” has been awarded the Best Student Paper Award at the European Workshop on Visual Information Processing (EUVIP) 2022. The paper is authored by Ayoung Kim, an MSc student in Computing Sciences at Tampere University, and co-authored by Ugur Akpinar, Erdem Sahin, and Atanas Gotchev, all with 3D Media Group.

As specified by the conference organizers: “The Best Paper Award and the Best Student Paper Award aim to honour exceptional technical contributions and promote high-quality research within the technical scope of the workshop.” While selecting the winners, the Award Selection Committee considered the technical quality, the technical novelty, the potential impact, the editorial quality, the presentation quality, and the capability to answer questions. The final awards decisions were made after the in-person paper presentations, where Ayoung fired especially well, demonstrating competence while answering difficult questions.

Hyperspectral imaging critically serves in various fields, such as remote sensing, biomedical, and agriculture. Its potential can be exploited to a greater extent when combined with deep learning methods, which improve the reconstructed hyperspectral image quality and reduce the processing time. In our paper, we propose a novel snapshot hyperspectral imaging system using an optimized diffractive optical element and a color filter along with the residual dense network. The proposed computational hyperspectral camera demonstrates high-quality hyperspectral image reconstruction capabilities”, describes Ayoung, who received the award certificate at the workshop award ceremony.

EUVIP is an annual scientific event, technically sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society and EURASIP. It gathers together leading experts from academia and industry conducting research on visual information processing, applications, and performance assessment for all types of visual modalities. Its tenth edition was held in Lisbon, Portugal on 11 – 14 September 2022.