The development of a 3D machine vision system awarded on Fusion for Energy (F4E)

The 3D machine vision development work carried out at Tampere University has been awarded the Technology Transfer Award 2022 by Fusion for Energy (F4E). The innovative 3D target tracking algorithms used for remote maintenance of fusion power plants help to minimize the blind spots of moving machinery.

The development of the remote maintenance system for fusion power plants has been done at Tampere University with the funding of Fusion for Energy in cooperation with VTT, and new applications in the machine sector have been sought in the Mixed Reality for Operating Mobile Machines (MIRO) research project funded by Business Finland.

The system was originally designed for the remote processing functions of the fusion reactor of the international fusion power experimental facility ITER. Researchers at Tampere University combined the algorithms developed for the system with previous research done with mobile work machines, and the final result can be used, for example, to minimize blind spots in moving machines.

– Tampere University has a long tradition of industrial cooperation. It has helped us find new synergies between signal processing and different application areas. It’s great that the research and work have now also received recognition in the form of this award, says MIRO project manager Olli Suominen.

The MIRO project aims for commercial applications of the research results in a fast schedule, and the received award will help in achieving the goals. The award-winning research project was also presented at the international Big Science Business Forum (BSBF) 2022 event in Granada, Spain, in October.

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The original news about the winner of the Technology Transfer Award 2022 has been published on the F4E website.