Photo Highlights from the Future of AI Seminar

Did you miss The Future of AI seminar? Or do you wish to recap the event highlights? You are on the right page, because here's a brief overview of the key points from AI Hub's closing seminar in the form of a photo gallery.

Spot robot following a visual marker around using its cameras. The same robot has been a popular guest in different establishments, interacting with the elderly and children alike. Demo with A.Chowdhury and Chia-Hsin Wu.


Furhat, an interactive robotic head capable of having conversations as different personalities, utilising ChatGPT-3. Demo with Aparajita Chowdhury.


The mobile robot platform MiR has been trained to avoid collisions with humans. It’s able to run the detection and avoidance loop every 0,5 seconds using the processing power on board. Demo with Golnaz Raja and Hossein Abdi.


A neural network has been trained to identify engine parts using a camera mounted on a Franka Emika Panda collaborative robot.


A Franka Emika Panda collaborative robot utilising a voice recognition model, enabling it to be controlled using a human voice.


Inspection of objects of almost any shape can be done easily with a depth camera mounted on a robot arm. The arm follows the contours of a surface based on the data from the depth camera.

Overall, the seminar provided valuable insights into various findings of the AI Hub 2.0 research project (active 1/2022- 8/2023), with implications for both current practice and future research. Professors Pekka Abrahamsson, Reza Ghabcheloo, Roel Pieters and Dr. Aino Ahtinen highlighted past discoveries and potential future research directions, including further investigation into ChatGPT and robotics.

Report by Eetu Airaksinen and Ritva Savonsaari. Photos by Eetu Airaksinen.