Past AI Hub Tampere and AI Hub 2.0 Pilots


Activities with Spot robot

In 2022-2023, AI Hub 2.0 explored the use and potential of Spot robot by Boston Dynamics. The team organised an agility contest and cooperated  with a senior home, introducing the canine robot to the residents and the facility. AI Hub also brought Spot robot to Varala youth sports camps.

Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy

In September 2019, AI Hub Tampere conducted a five-day pilot project with engineering company Comatec Oy, with the purpose of trying out machine learning methods in analysing electrical drawings. In this cooperation project, we applied object detection in annotating 144 drawings. The pilot experiment yielded good accuracies in target detection.

Insinööritoimisto Comatec Oy is a part of Comatec Group, which operates in the fields of vehicles, cranes, marine industry, mobile machines, among others.. The company is known for its ability to implement challenging assignments in the technology industry and machine building.

BioMensio Ltd

AI Hub Tampere has cooperated in a pilot process with BioMensio Ltd., developing new methods for data visualization and data analytics in June 2019. The project applied artificial intelligence and machine learning to process real-time data. The aim of the project was to explore which machine learning methods would be best suited for the problem-solving case in question. The findings demonstrated some differences between the machine learning methods. In the future, the findings will be useful in supporting human decision-making.

BioMensio’s product is a hand-held Rapid Multi-Analyte Sensor. The DXaaS platform facilitates the fast development of new bio-screening applications for on-site testing. BioMensio’s headquarters is located in Tampere.