AI Hub Tampere for Intelligent Machines

A rendezvous to build intelligent future

About AI Hub

AI Hub Tampere is a new artificial intelligence research center hosted by Tampere University and funded by public instruments. The center organizes workshops, helpdesk sessions, experimental piloting and other support for adopting artificial intelligence in local companies. Our principle is to make AI easy to reach, affordable and all our services are free of charge, neutral and equal for all. The center is part of nationwide network of AI centers that is currently being built.

Our 3-Step Strategy

With the help of AI Hub Tampere, companies located in the Pirkanmaa region can advance from beginners to AI experts by taking three initial steps towards AI maturity. The company can take its first step together with us by attending our free workshops. We organise several workshops during the course of the year. Some of these workshops are beginer friendly, others are more advanced, and some are held as online sessions due to Covid-19. Our workshops shed some light on the possibilities and restrictions of AI and machine learning. These workshops encourage companies to network with other attending companies and inspire representatives to book a helpdesk session with us.

The next step in the AI strategy is choosing what to develop, and what data to use in the AI project. For this purpose, AI Hub Tampere offers free helpdesk sessions, during which we can figure out which problems are best solved with AI or machine learning, or how to develop more human-centric AI. Some problems are not ideally solved with AI at all, and having a university expert review the original plan might save countless hours of work. Critical views might help define the right AI problem worth developing.

Once we have defined a good problem that offers potential for machine learning or AI application in a helpdesk session, the next step is to cooperate in an experimental pilot project. We offer the input of one-week (five working days) pilots, during which we can use the company data and develop or test AI solutions for the company. We sign a contract with the company, and will not disclose all the details, although we do require a certain level of openness, as we would like to showcase general examples of our pilot projects in social media.

Having accomplished a pilot project, the company will have received valuable work hours from the university specialists, together with a written report of the tests, calculations or other results of the pilot experiment. With this preliminary material, it is easier for the company to open up to the local ecosystem and apply for further development funding from for example Business Finland.