AI Hub Workshop

AI Hub 2.0's GPT Lab workshop on Aug 31st in Hämeenkatu

Due to high interest in Generative AI research, we are arranging an additional GPT Lab event in central Tampere in the afternoon of August 31st. Participation is possible either physically or online.GPT-lab is the newly established GPT laboratory at Tampere Universityfocusing on the advancement of generative AI in Software Engineering andbeyond.

Workshop address:Alpha Design Partners officesHämeenkatu 16TampereDate & Time: 31.8.2023, 14:30 – 16:00 (Finland time)Coffee and refreshments servedOnline participation:

Agenda14:30 opening of the eventGreetings from the host, Heidi Vaaralaintroduction to GPT-lab, Professor Pekka Abrahamsson14:50 Autonomous software teams, Antti Pham and Maruf Rayhan Antti and Maruf15:05 Generative AI and Intelligent Machines, Muhammad Kamran, BingxiangChen and Fariha Chowdhury15:20 Training Large Language Models, Muntaha Alam15:35 Reviewing Generative AI tools & business use cases, Daniel Lahtinen15:50 Estimating the costs of software projects with GAI, Väinö Liukko16:00 End of event, socializing