AI Hub's August WS on Numerical Optimal Control on Fri 25/8

What is numerical optimization, and how or why is it useful? Let's learn how to implement optimal control on a real robot and explore related concepts and programming problems or tasks.


Numerical Optimal Control workshop in Hervanta in August 2023
Join our AI Hub Tampere workshop in Hervanta

Coming up: AI Hub Tampere Workshop on Numerical Optimal Control

Fri, 25 Aug 2023, 12:30, room K1703, Konetalo, Hervanta campus, Tampere University

The free on-site workshop will start with a short introduction of AI Hub and our research group. We provide some motivating examples on numerical optimization. We will have a demo on implementation of the optimal control on a real robot. Further, the workshop will continue with some fundamental concepts in numerical optimization, such as quadratic and nonlinear programing, single/multiple shooting, etc. Then, we introduce CasADi, an optimization framework suitable for many largescale problems.

Set of simple educational examples with increasing complexity have been prepared, so you can try and play with during the workshop. This will help you to get a grasp on how some abstract concepts can be programmed and solved, even if you do not have much prior experience about the topic. We will also show some examples derived from real life applications, where you can use these techniques, including trajectory optimization and a model predictive control. We will also brief how optimal control can be used in the context of shared control.

Please read the event info page carefully to learn the required knowledge and preparation tips for the workshop.

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