Pilot Project with CrossControl

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One of AI Hub Tampere's technical pilots was to explore software deployment possibilities with CrossControl in 2021. Here is a brief case study.

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AI Hub’s pilot project is an EU-funded service. It includes 5 work days of development, testing or evaluation work. It is free of charge for the customer companies.

AI Hub Tampere did a pilot project with CrossControl in 2021. This pilot project started with a work plan that included some theory on neural networks. The pilot then proceeded to a data collection phase, and was followed by, and finished with a technical deployment part and a detailed written report. The project was conducted on a HMI screen based on an iMX8 platform by TAU Doctoral Researcher Henri Hunnikivi of AI Hub Tampere.

CrossControl offers a platform for machine intelligence with a wide portfolio of hardware, software and services. CrossControl’s customers consist of vehicle and equipment OEMs, system suppliers and system integrators in end markets like Agriculture, Cargo, Construction, Forestry, Material Handling, Mining and Utility Vehicles.

CrossControl found the pilot useful for the future development plans of their edge computer SW platform.