Rust in Embedded, AI & HW Oriented Optimization Workshop on May 27th, 2021

It's been a long time since we met up to talk Rust. AI Hub and Rust Finland volunteers teamed up to bring you "Rust in Embedded, AI & HW Oriented Optimization". Short intros to what each of the presenter's been up to, in order to share what's going on in Rust in Finland.

In addition to the designated speakers, we allocate a moment for discussion and time to meet friends both old and new.

Designated speakers & topics:

– “CPU Caches: Trust but Verify”, Tommi Jalkanen,

– “Rust for AI: inside and outside the kernel” by Henri Lunnikivi

– Introduction to RustDDS by Juhana Helovuo

– “Rust Actors: Cloud AI-distributed system message passing” by Paul Houghton

– A brief introduction to portable SIMD from Henri Sivonen

Register for the event here (short url: