Fulbright grantee joins Baby Box team

The Baby Box team is growing this fall with the arrival of Brittany Perry, a Fulbright Finland grantee and visiting researcher from the United States. Perry is looking forward to exploring the international potential of the Finnish baby box, which is of great interest to her as a future student of pediatric medicine. “Many countries have been inspired by the baby box, yet there is little research on it,” says Perry. “Dr. Koivu’s team is pioneering the exploration of the baby box’s role in global health, and it is an honor to join them.”

In 2018, The Fulbright Finland Foundation awarded over 1,33 million dollars in grants to Finnish and American students, researchers and professionals, including 7 grantees to Tampere University this year, such as Perry, who hails from the University of South Florida. Her background in biomedical sciences and sociology has been key in developing her interest in global and public health. Perry hopes to someday combine medical practice in underserved populations with public health solutions to support equality in global healthcare.

Brittany Perry, the new member of the Baby Box team, is excited to study the global potential of the baby box concept

As the Baby Box team continues its innovative research and develops the first-ever meta-study on global baby box use, soon to be distributed, they are looking forward to welcoming a new member with an academically diverse background and accomplished position as a Fulbright Student. “We are so pleased to have Brittany Perry joining us at this important juncture in our research journey,” said Dr. Annariina Koivu, Principal Investigator and leader of the baby box team. “In light of our recent findings, there are many new and significant avenues that must be explored and she will be a valuable asset in our next steps as a research group.”


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