The aim of CARDE is to research and develop digitalization together with people through their everyday experience. The approach, critical applied research, aims to reveal, challenge and change digitalization towards participatory engagement and development.

The research groups theoretical background is informed by critical theory and critical pedagogy. We aim to become an active in international research groups, and to connect and unite people who have similar aims to create wider awareness and impact in this area.


Promoting deeper understanding of digitalization in education through critical applied research.

CARDE manifesto

  1. Actively engage people, networks, projects, research and public discussions to promote democratization of digitalization in education through research and development.
  2. Apply and develop critical applied research methodologies.
  3. Create design principles for democratic and emancipatory R&D of digitalization.
  4. Evoke dialogue through communication with a wider public using clear, inclusive language.
  5. Promote new and open approaches to research and development publishing.